General Instructions

While in SPI, cadets are subject to certain rules and regulations. Few of the important ones are highlighted in this section for your information. As discipline is very important it is recommended that your son be advised to strictly follow the rules during his stay at the SPI to ensure fruitful and productive training.

The under mentioned do’s and don’ts must be observed:-


  • Do be punctual for all activities like, PT, games, classes, parades, mess etc.
  • Do be smartly and neatly dressed at all times for all school activities in the prescribed dress.
  • Do keep all your personal possessions neat and tidy at all times.
  • Do be courteous to your seniors and superiors at the SPI.
  • Do maintain high standards of honesty and integrity.
  • The acts involving moral turpitude will be dealt with severely.


  • Do not leave the SPI premises without proper permission.
  • Do not be involved in smoking, drinking alcohol and consuming drugs, or have any such items in your possession.
  • Do not keep excess cash, jewellery, Cell Phones, Any electronic or electrical appliances etc.
  • Do not be in possession of any personal weapons, i.e. guns, fire arms or pets.

It would help your son to settle down, if he practices the following simple activities before joining:

  • Stitching of buttons and minor repairing of his clothes.
  • Polishing his shoes (leather and canvas).
  • Washing his under garments, socks and handkerchief
  • Making his bed.
  • Keeping his clothes and personal effects neatly in his cupboard.
  • Keeping track of all his personal possessions.
  • Making a dhobi list and checking returns accurately.
  • Filling bank withdrawal form and maintaining his pocket money account
  • Covering all textbooks and copies with laminated brown paper.
  • Labeling his possessions for identification.
  • Packing his clothes for travel.