Joining SPI

Based on the results of the Entrance Examination conducted at four Examination centers and the Interviews, a consolidated overall merit list will be prepared including the waiting list and it will be uploaded on the SPI website. Selected candidates will be intimated the results individually. The detailed “Joining Instructions” will be sent to all selected candidates well-in-advance (i.e. in the month of May). 1st term of the new course will commence in the 1st / 2nd week of June.

Academic year is divided in two terms . At the end of the 1st term, vacations are granted during Diwali in the month of Oct / Nov. At the end of 2nd term vacations are granted during summers, most likely in the month of April/May.

Military form of discipline is expected to be maintained at SPI all the times and in all activities. Stress is laid on every cadet for maintaining a high standard of personal turn-out and conduct in and outside the campus. An agreement is to be executed and signed by the parent/guardian of the cadet at the time of joining.

1. Boarding Charges :A sum, as decided by the Govt. of Maharashtra from time to time is charged for six months in advance towards the boarding charges and it is required to be paid at the beginning of each term. At present it is Rs. 2000/- per month.

2. Security Deposit :An amount of Rs 3000 /- (Rs. 1500/- in case of SC/ST candidates) is collected at the time of joining. It will be refunded only if cadet joins any of the Defence Academies at any stage in life.

3. College Fees: The College fees (11th & 12th class) and other charges as decided by the school / College from time to time, will be paid to the school / College by the parents/guardians through SPI only.

4. Cadet Welfare Fund:: Apart from the dues and deposits, as mentioned above, cadets have to pay additional money for their Kit, Transportation to the school, Training Visits, Training Aids, Washerman Charges, News Papers & Periodical charges, School and SPI uniforms etc.

5. Penalty Clause:In case a cadet leaves SPI after joining, then the complete fees once paid WILL NOT be refunded. In addition he will be required to pay penalty to be decided later.

A list of clothing and toiletry items which a cadet is required to bring at the time of joining the institute, will be intimated along with the Joining Instructions. It is obligatory to wear the Institute uniform during the cadet’s stay in SPI.

The Director, SPI has the authority to rusticate any cadet and withdraw his name from the roll on any of the following grounds :

1. Remains ill for a long period and considered physically unfit to carry on with the daily routine of the institute.

2. Involves in ragging activities or found harmful for other cadet inside hostel. (Orders of the Honorable Supreme Court dated 16th Oct 2000 & Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging ACT, 1999 time to time amended, will be implemented)

3. Consistently fails to secure a minimum of 60% marks in SPI or the School tests/examinations.

4. Fails to maintain SPI discipline.

5. If Boarding Charges, Fees and other dues are not paid in time by the parents.