Physical Standards

The Candidate should have the following ‘Minimum Physical Standards’ at the time of joining SPI :-

  1. Height : 157 cms
  2. Weight : 43Kg.
  3. Chest : Without expansion : 74 cm Expansion : minimum 5 cm
  4. Eye sight : 6/6 in a distant vision chart with better eye and 6/9 in worse eye. Myopia less than 2.5D and hypermetropia less than 3.5D including Astigmatism. A candidate must have good binocular vision.The colour vision should be normal, without Color Blindness. The colour vision standard will be CP-III for Army. Candidate should be able to recognise red and green colours. Also the candidate should not have night blindness.
  5. Hearing : The hearing should be normal. A candidate should be able to hear a forced whisper with each ear at a distance of 610 cm in a quiet room.

Selected candidates will have to produce a “Medical Fitness Certificate” signed by a qualified Registered Medical Practitioner at the time of joining.

Prospective candidates are advised to keep themselves in good physical condition by following the under mentioned regime daily before they join SPI :-

  • Running : 3 to 4 Km
  • Rope Skipping
  • Push-ups & Sit-ups : Minimum 20 each
  • Chin ups : Minimum 08
  • Rope Climbing : 3 to 4 meters.

To void disappointment at a later stage and inconvenience to all, ensure following before joining:-

  • The candidate must be in good physical and mental health and free from any disease/disability which is likely to interfere with the efficient performance of duties.
  • There should be no evidence of weak constitution, bodily defects or over weight.
  • There should be no disease of bones and joints of the body.
  • A candidate should have no past history of mental breakdown or fits.
  • The hearing should be normal. A candidate should be able to hear a forced whisper with each ear at a distance of 610 cm in a quiet room.
  • There should be no evidence of present or past disease of the ear, nose and throat.
  • There should be no sign of functional or organic disease of the heart and blood vessel. Blood pressure should be normal.
  • The muscles of abdomen should be well developed and there should be no enlargement of liver or spleen.
  • Un-operated hernias will make a candidate unfit. If operated, this should have been done at least 1 year prior and healing should be complete.
  • There should be no hydrocele, varicocele or piles.
  • Any disease of the skin which is likely to cause disability or disfigurement will also be a cause for rejection.
  • Eyes: Candidates who have undergone or have the evidence of having undergone Radial Keratotomy, to improve the visual acuity, will be permanently rejected.
  • Candidates who have undergone LASER Surgery for correction of refractive error are also not acceptable in defence services.
  • Detailed physical standards required in the Armed Forces are given on the websites of Army, Navy and Air Force. You are advised to go through that carefully before applying.